Our guide is available in several languages thanks to contributions by our incredible readers. You can view the translated versions of a chapter by clicking on the links below the chapter title.

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Below is a list of all the chapters that are available in multiple languages. If you are interested in helping with our translation efforts, leave us a comment here.

Who Is This Guide For? What Does This Guide Cover? How to Get Help? What is Serverless? What is AWS Lambda? Why Create Serverless Apps? Create an AWS Account Create an IAM User What is IAM What is an ARN Configure the AWS CLI Create a DynamoDB Table Create an S3 Bucket for File Uploads Create a Cognito User Pool Create a Cognito Test User Set up the Serverless Framework Add Support for ES6/ES7 JavaScript Initialize the Backend Repo Add a Create Note API Add a Get Note API Add a List All the Notes API Add an Update Note API Add a Delete Note API Handle API Gateway CORS Errors Deploy the APIs Create a Cognito Identity Pool Cognito User Pool vs Identity Pool Test the APIs Create a New React.js App Add App Favicons Set up Custom Fonts Set up Bootstrap Handle Routes with React Router Create Containers Adding Links in the Navbar Handle 404s Configure AWS Amplify Login with AWS Cognito Load the State from the Session Clear the Session on Logout Redirect on Login and Logout Give Feedback While Logging In Create a Signup Page Create the Signup Form Signup with AWS Cognito Add the Create Note Page Call the Create API Upload a File to S3 List All the Notes Call the List API Display a Note Render the Note Form Save Changes to a Note Delete a Note Create a Settings Page Add Stripe Keys to Config Create a Billing Form Connect the Billing Form Set up Secure Pages Create a Route That Redirects Use the Redirect Routes Redirect on Login Deploy a React App to AWS Create an S3 Bucket Deploy to S3 Create a CloudFront Distribution Set up Your Domain with CloudFront Set up WWW Domain Redirect Set up SSL Deploy Updates Getting Production Ready What Is Infrastructure as Code Configure DynamoDB in Serverless Configure S3 in Serverless Configure Cognito User Pool in Serverless Configure Cognito Identity Pool in Serverless Deploy Your Serverless Infrastructure Working with 3rd Party APIs Setup a Stripe Account Add a Billing API Load Secrets from .env Test the Billing API Unit Tests in Serverless Automating Serverless Deployments Setting up Your Project on Seed Configure Secrets in Seed Deploying Through Seed Set Custom Domains Through Seed Test the Configured APIs Monitoring Deployments in Seed Initialize the Frontend Repo Manage Environments in Create React App Automating React Deployments Create a Build Script Setting up Your Project on Netlify Custom Domains in Netlify Frontend Workflow Wrapping Up Further Reading Translations Giving Back Changelog Staying up to date

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