Serverless Stack is used to build all kinds of apps, from SaaS services to weekend projects. Here are just a few apps that our readers have built. If you’d like to share your project, just send us an email with a link and a short description.


Spendwise is a complete finance management tool that helps you track your incomes, expenses, debts, budgets and more! Created by Mohsin.

Spendwise screenshot


QuickNote is a simple anonymous note-taking app built by Manuel Frigerio. It was built in two days and Manuel wrote about his motivation and experience here.

QuickNote screenshot

Take Issue

Take Issue is a platform that empowers citizens to collectively determine the most important issues in their community.

Take Issue screenshot


Seed is a service that helps you deploy, manage, and monitor your Serverless Framework applications on AWS. It is built completely on the Serverless Stack.

Seed screenshot

Share Your App

Have you built something using the Serverless Stack? We would love to feature it and show it off to the world! Just send us an email with a link and a short description.