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New edition of Serverless Stack

Oct 8, 2019: Adding a new section for Serverless best practices. Updating to React Hooks. Reorganizing chapters. Updating backend to Node 10.

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The Basics

Build your first Serverless app using AWS Lambda and React.

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Philipp Muens


Superb @goserverless guide ⚡️ --> serverless-stack.com

Helps you build a #serverless #reactjs app on @awscloud

Thanks @Anomaly_Inv 🙌

Mark Erikson


Fantastic, in-depth tutorial for building and deploying a full-stack React app w/ an AWS serverless backend: serverless-stack.com

Josh Grime


@fanjiewang @jayair Just wanna say a huge thank you for your guide on serverless-stack.com. Between this and the repository, I was able to deploy my first (working) stack today. I'd still be banging my head against walls without your work!

Jan Riethmayer


Serverless Stack - Building a Full-Stack App with Serverless and React serverless-stack.com I really enjoyed this guide over the weekend. If you're interested in serverless with react, that's a great resource!

Jake Bennett


I'm going thru the most AMAZING tutorial by @Anomaly_Inv for creating a #serverless app with AWS Lambda, NodeJS and #React, using Cognito for authentication. It's a must-read for JavaScript novices (like me).

Magnus R. Gaarder


Serverless-Stack.com is the best resource I have encountered so far, to get #serverless @reactjs apps up and running on @awscloud

Thank you, @Anomaly_Inv

Vincent Delacourt


One of the best resource I found so far on Serverless and React with AWS

serverless-stack.com #serverless #aws @anomaly_inv

Damon Miller


This has been a phenomenal step-by-step tutorial on @goserverless @reactjs and #AWSCognito. Loving this! serverless-stack.com

Aden Forshaw


Serverless tutorial project over at serverless-stack.com is phenomenal. There's some real nuggets of gold, well worth a few hours of anyones time even as a refresher.



@Anomaly_Inv stepping through your serverless-stack.com and its fantastic. Thank you for sharing this amazing guide!